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In Germany, general compulsory education applies.
  • Recently immigrated school-age children and young persons
  • Lessons in native languages

In  Wuppertal as well as in total Nordrhein-Westfalen, all children are required to attend school for at least ten years. At the age of six, children usually start Grundschule (primary school). After the fourth class, all pupils need to change school. All schools built up on primary school are called  Weiterführende Schulen (colleges of further education). These are  Hauptschule (secondary modern school), Realschule (secondary school leading to intermediate qualification), Gymnasium (grammar school) and Gesamtschule (comprehensive school).
Apart from public schools, there are religious and private schools which are officially recognized. You can find an overview about all schools on the pages of the Schulamt (education authority).

On the following page you will get information about your possibilities of parents engagement.

You can find further information in German about school and also lessons for children with learning difficulties or disabilities on the pages "Grundschule", "Weiterführende Schule, "Förderschulen" and from the brochure "Bildungswege in Wuppertal".

Recently immigrated school-age children and young persons

There are special offers for school-age children and young persons of immigrant families having just entered Germany, if facing problems with the German language. Some schools offer special classes for them where they receive intensive written and spoken German lessons. After 18 months at the latest, pupils change to a regular class of the respective school. The Regionale Arbeitsstelle zur Förderung von Kindern und Jugendlichen aus Zuwandererfamilien (RAA) checks which school and which class is appropriate for the respective child. It also advises you and mediates the respective schools. You can find their working hours, address and contact persons on the Internet pages of the RAA.

Lessons in native languages

In addition to the lessons, pupils speaking another family language than German can visit lessons in their native language. Attendance is voluntary.
Under INFO: Lessons in native language you can find an overview about which schools offer which language.
Registration forms are available at secretary's office of schools.

If you cannot find your language or if you are in need of further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.