Integration in Wuppertal - Job and profession

Job and profession

A job is an important step towards social and professional life.

Therefore, it is extremely important for recently immigrated persons to find a job, but also if you have been living in Germany for a longer period already or lost your job you can find some interesting advices here:

Recently immigrated persons looking for a job should contact the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wuppertal (ARGE). ARGE looks after all those looking for a job and together with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) mediates jobs. The BA/ARGE is responsible for:

  • Vocational counselling
  • Job placement
  • Promotion of professional education/vocational retraining
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Integration support for late repatriates

In order to enable the Arbeitsgemeinschaft or Bundesagentur für Arbeit to assist you, you must have approved your educational and professional achievement as soon as possible. Without this approval you will not be able to work in your profession or to do further trainings. On the following pages you will get to know how and where to have your achievements approved. There you can also find information regarding further education which will help you to carry out your or a similar profession in Germany. You will learn how to improve your chance to find a job and how to start up your own business.

If you have already worked in Germany and got unemployed, you should register unemployed at the BA. They will check if you are entitled to Arbeitslosengeld I.

If you are not paid Arbeitslosengeld I and do not have enough money for your and your family's life, please contact the ARGE Wuppertal. There you can apply for Arbeitslosengeld II.
You will find further information regarding Arbeitslosengeld II on the page Soziale Leistungen.



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