Integration in Wuppertal - Immigration advisory service

Immigration advisory service

The immigration advisory service helps immigrants to find their way around in Wuppertal.

In Wuppertal, there are six advisory centres that are all listed in the flyer "Welcome". The employees are especially experienced in questions regarding immigration and living in a country in minority. Many of them speak different languages.

The advisory service offers initial immigration advice for new immigrants and refugees up to the support of the integration of immigrants having been living here for longer already. In the following please find a description of the main topics.

Initial immigration advisory service

It is aimed at everyone having just entered Germany or having been living here for less than three years.

If you belong to this group, you can contact us regarding all questions helping you to find your way in Wuppertal.
If you like, we will create a so-called "integration plan" together with you. This helps to lay down step-by-step what to do next to e.g. find a flat, to improve your knowledge of languages or to find a job. We can also clear questions together regarding school and education, with regard to regulations of right of residence or even very personal ones. We thereby concentrate on your requirements when advising you.

The initial immigration advisory service for newly immigrated young persons or young adults up to 26 years takes place at the Jugendmigrationsdienst (youth migration service) des Internationalen Bundes. You will find it in the flyer "Welcome" as well.

Advice of refugees

It is aimed at asylum seekers, persons with a Duldung (exceptional leave to remain), persons entitled to asylum and people allowed to stay in Germany for humanitarian reasons.

You can contact us regarding all questions of daily life and your asylum procedure. We will support you - as far as possible from the legal point of view - so that members of your family can follow later or we help you if you intend to move to another town. Furthermore, we will supply you with advisory service, country information, addresses and contact partners if you want to move further to another country.
Even if you have decided to return to your country of origin, we will help you to organise your return and to provide you with current information and addresses of places to go and contact partners in your country.

Integration advisory service

If you have been living in Wuppertal for already a longer period of time but can still not find your way around, or if you have special questions regarding your situation as an immigrant, we are looking forward to helping you. We advise you if you are in a difficult situation or if you have to solve a problem. We will give you contact partners and inform you about responsible offices.
We also assist you if yourself want to become active, e.g. if you intend to organise a meeting with other immigrants and native persons, if you want to participate in an association or in a project or if yourself plan to found a group or a club.